Old Hangeul Text Editor Nara Malsseum, ver. 1.2


Nara Malsseum 1.2 enables you to edit a text file containing Old Hangeul letters/syllables.
(Both Nara and Malsseum are Korean words. Nara means a nation in general. Here it refers to Joseon Kingdom which existed in Korea in the past). Malsseum means a language. Nara Malsseum means Korean Language.)

Some text editors partially support Old Hangeul; however, there are letters/syllables not supported in those editors.

Nara Malsseum 1.2 adopted the SYL-IPF (Syllable-initial, -peak, and -final) Johab Hangeul Code (whose code positions are 0x1100 through 0x11FF) in ISO/IEC 10646-1:1993 (Unicode 1.1); therefore, this program suppports Old Hangeul letters in the code and syllables composed of them, except syllable-initial and -peak fill characters.

Nara Malsseum was chosen as "Recommended Public Domain Software" in the Dec., 1994 issue of the Chollian, a monthly magazine published by the Chollian.

System requirements:

A sample output of Nara Malsseum 1.2, an Old Hangeul Text Editor

Nara Malsseum ver. 1.2

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Nara Malsseum ver. 1.2

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